Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Now that I have your attention! How's this for some interesting fun?

Sex and Trouble

(cover by the fabulous Syneca)

You know it’s going to be a bad day when:
1. Your father dies leaving you a creepy old Victorian home.
2. Your butler isn’t really a butler, but he comes with the house.
3. Your father’s enemies are after everything in the house—including you and the butler!

Meet Marielle Greenlea. She’s just learned that her inheritance involves not just an old house but also a butler who’s says he's a demon. And not just any demon. He’s a Hedonae—or sex demon—who has been bound to the house by her estranged father. Now, not only does Marielle have to deal with her inheritance which includes learning that she's a hereditary witch, but she also has to figure out how to set Rosier free. Because no way is she keeping a slave—no matter how sexy he is!

Rosier can't believe he's still captive to the Greenlea family. Now he has to deal with a woman who's sexy as sin but unaware of her own appeal. A fledgling witch who doesn't really believe he's a demon. But once she sees his-ahem-horns, she has to face facts. One of those facts is that the only way he can be released is through sex. But he wants to go home and if that means making her scream with his name over and over, well, he’ll just have to grin and bear it.

Mari wants to help him but as the reigning Popsicle Queen according to her exes, she knows she can’t. Three simultaneous orgasms when she’s never had even one? Now she has to find the keys to her power, defeat her father’s enemy AND have mind-blowing sex? What's a girl to do when an inheritance leads her to Sex and Trouble? Lie back and enjoy, of course!

We'll let you know when it's released!!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Great start to 2010!

A new book contract!!

Yes, Marilu Mann will have a new release out very soon - not a shifter in sight, but there is a very sexy demon and a witch who doesn't know her own power!

We have a title and will share the cover with you as soon as we get that - look for more info on SEX AND TROUBLE coming soon!!