Monday, May 11, 2009

More RT Photos

Here are a few more shots from RT...
Starting with...
Stephanie Julian - EC Author
We sat across from her at the e-book fair and made faces at one another. :)
Here we are at the Rumble in the Jungle party sponsored by Ellora's Cave. Like the outfits? With a little help from my family, I made mine and also made Arwen's Jacket. (grin)
Cai & Cerridwen Press Author & fellow FTHRW member, Mona Risk.

Romantic Times Booklovers Convention 2009!

We'd love to share some pictures from RT2009 with you! The Marilu Mann writing team was able to attend both the e-book and the print book signings, we met some truly awesome people (including the Mr. Romance 2009 Cover Model contestants & the EC Cavemen(!!)) and just truly enjoyed ourselves.
Here are a few photos from the convention...Enjoy!! ;)

Here's the view right outside our hotel room - the Wyndham Resort in Orlando was lovely and HUGE!

Here is Arwen with one of her idols - The incomparable Piers Anthony! Anyone who's ever read the Chronicles of Xanth or the Incarnations of Immortality will know this was truly an awesome event for a fan. I promised to restrain her if she started babbling like a real fangirl. :)

Here we are with Lorenzo, one of the EC Cavemen. Lorenzo appears on the cover of Sapphire Tease and is a real sweetheart!

The next two photos are of Arwen & Franco D'Angelo and me with Franco. Franco was one of the Mr. Romance 2009 Contestants and as soon as I saw him, the hero of our second book, Slade, came to mind. Franco was a truly gracious, fun and as you can see for yourself, gorgeous individual. He won the Contestant's Choice award in the Mr. Romance 2009 contest on Saturday night (and inspired a new character for us during one of the parties - you'll just have to wait for that particular story to come out).