Wednesday, September 13, 2006


What on earth?

Well, there were 505 authors participating in the Literacy Signing at the RWA National Conference in Atlanta Georgia. The members of RWA and general public purchased $64,272.67 worth of books, bringing the grand total of RWA donations to the Literacy Council to OVER $500,000.

Let’s revisit that, shall we…

505 AUTHORS. That’s 505 men and women who write some form of ROMANCE.

$64,272.67 raised to promote Literacy…that’s a lot of romance…

Now, how can anyone dispute what romance novels mean to the general public, to those who love reading? To those who still denigrate romance novels as “bodice rippers” or “trashy” novels…I still ask “when was the last time you READ a romance novel?”

Have you read any of the Bullet-Catcher series by Roxanne St. Clair? Honey, that’s no damsel in distress sitting around waiting for a man to save her! That’s some sexy, strong women and some sexy, strong men butting heads and making things work.

What about Lori Foster? Sure, her men are a little Alpha for most people’s tastes, but let me tell you…Too Much Temptation is one of the sexiest, steamiest, BEST books I’ve ever read and it has a permanent place on my bookshelf. Yes, Noah is a bit overbearing, but Grace doesn’t put up with his crap…she just pats him on the chest and does what she wants to do anyway…

If you’re into Historicals, how about grabbing a Kristina Cook or a Stephanie Laurens or a Julia London – all three write about Regency England, but all three have very different styles. Their men are respectful of women, their women are strong in their own ways – while still staying in the rigid boundaries set for them by their time periods (for the most part[g]).

Paranormal/Fantasy more your style? Pick up a Sherrilyn Kenyon or a CT Adams-Cathy Clamp book or one of Michele Hauf’s Luna books – there’s scary critters in them there pages..but there are also strong women, women with their own lives, not just sitting around waiting to be saved from the monsters…hey, in some cases women ARE the “monsters.”

What I’m trying to say is this…(finally, you say)…if you know someone who has never read a romance novel and you know what kind of books they like, I can almost promise you you’ll find an author who writes that type of book within the romance family.

Give romance a shot…505 authors at the signing this year, maybe there will be 600 next year…who knows how many READERS OF ROMANCE that translates into...

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