Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Secret Passion Of Simon Blackwell
Samantha James
ISBN: 0060896450

Stephanie said: Samantha James kept me up last night. I started this book because I couldn't find the one I was currently reading. I adore James' other books so I knew I could expect a pleasant read. What I didn't expect were the gothic undertones. I kept hearing Heathcliff pacing about the moors of Yorkshire as Simon revealed his tortured soul. I can't remember the last time a hero has been so brutally challenged by life as Simon Blackwell. James truly roasts this man on a hot fire. He is Heathcliff only with extra broodiness and angst.

Cai said: I agree 100%. It’s been a while since a hero has had the horrors to face that Simon does. He really takes the cake on the “Dark and brooding” hero. I also adore Samantha James (I thought her “Perfect” series really was…) I also love the way each chapter starts with an entry from Simon’s journal. Not only is he a tortured hero, he’s a very eloquent writer .

Stephanie said: And our feisty heroine Annabelle whom everyone calls Anne or Annie is more than spunky. She's a terror on two legs when she decides that enough is enough and her marriage is no longer convenient. When she sets out to tear down Simon's walls, all bets are off. She isn’t experienced, but she observes her erstwhile husband. These observations lead our very astute heroine down a path of seduction that crumbles him.

Cai said: Oh my…when Anne sets out to “get her man,” she truly does. I love the way she gets to Simon, the power she wields, even when she doesn’t realize what she’s doing!

Stephanie said: I cried while reading this one. I became utterly involved with Simon and Annie as they traversed the rocky road of love. This is not your typical romance. It starts out by actually obeying the rules of society and forcing two people together simply because they were caught kissing. Thank you Samantha James. You are now on my "automatic buy this author" list.

Cai said: Even though it doesn’t have the “typical” beginning, it truly has that satisfying HEA ending. And Samantha James has always been on my “auto-buy” list, this just solidifies her spot!! A ROUSING STAND-UP & CHEER from me on this one!

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