Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Come Join The Bloggy Carnival!

I actually blog very little here! You can find me on MySpace as well as a monthly blog on the 3rd of every month at Romerotica Writers blogspot.

So, I'm playing along with something I heard about from Rachel Smith. I'm linked to her on Facebook (where I am having FAR too much fun.)

My first book comes out May 7, 2008. You can learn more about Changing Times by heading to my website. I'll warn you! It's a hot paranormal romance. This is the first in a new series from Ellora's Cave Publishing. The second book is in edits now.

I'm working on promoing this book by networking on Facebook, MySpace and anywhere else I can find. My thought is the more folks that see my name the more they will recognize my books. Right? Bueller? Bueller?

Well, pretend with me anyway, ok? (grin)

So back to the Blogger Carnival! Every site is offering a free gift and this one is no different! When I last checked there were 687 sites so far with most of them offering really cool stuff. It's very family oriented too!

I am offering a free Tarot reading! The winner will receive one free Celtic Cross phone reading from Tarot By Arwen.

To enter, leave a comment telling me your favorite hero or heroine from a book or a movie. Bonus for telling me why you picked that character! I will pick a winner and announce it here and on the Bloggy Carnival announcement site as well.

And to be notified of when Changing Times releases as well as other contests and release notices, join my fanlist at Marilu Mann Fans. I'm giving away a Louisiana-themed basket on release date to one lucky winner on my list!

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hetz-junk said...

I would love a tarot reading. I am not sure who my favorite heroine is. I am reading Obamas book and that is pretty inspiring. Does that count?

witchypoo said...

I cannot recall her name, but I loved the voice of the narrator in Barbara Kingsolver's book, The Poisonwood Bible.

She Became a Butterfly said...

Megara from Disney's Hercules, because she's a strong woman who can defend herself, but is a softie on the inside.


Please enter my giveaway:
It's lonely!

flip said...

Good luck on your book. My favorite hero.....I have so many....I love Sebastian from Lord of Scoundrels.

Randi said...

What a neat giveaway! My favorite heroine would have to be Eve Dallas from the In Death series.

Thanks again!

Mari said...

Your book sounds fantastic. I can't wait to read it!!
Right now, the heroine at the moment is G I Jane. I am currently on a mission to lose weight, and she is strong and inspiring.
I'm signing up for your fanlist now!

Kellykat said...

Its been a long time since I have read them but the series by Dorothy Cannell is one of my favorites. Its about a formerly chunky woman who marries the man of her dreams and always seems to find herself in the middle of some mystery set in her little English village.

Eye of the Rainbow said...

I dont really have one, but i would like to read what you have wrote.
thanks for doing this giveaway.


char10 said...

mercy thompson from patricia briggs urban fantasy books ,is my favorite. she's a shape shifter who is involved with werewolves and vampires. great series.I like strong capable female characters.

Rachel said...

That is my name up there in lights. LOL I finally made it here. :)

I really like Betsy in the MaryJanice Davidson queen Betsy series. she is freaking hilarious, down to earth and everything that society potentially labels "blonds" to be like. Well okay there IS the shoe fetish. :)

I do readings for others, but I SURE could use a reading for myself.

GREAT awesome fatabulistic giveaway!

Rach said...

OH and I added your contest to my blog. :)

Jeanette J said...

My favorite hero is Aragorn from Lord of the Rings. He has all the qualities that I like..brave, loyal, strong, vulnerable and he's ruggedly handsome

Ginny said...

This probably isn't a good hero, but I love Stephanie Plum. I just love the way she handles everything.

Our Prim Nest said...

I have always wanted a tarot reading.
MMMM a hero...dont think i have one.

Katie said...

My favorite is The Man in Black... Wesley from the Princess Bride. Rawr!

Reeva said...

Great giveaway! I hope i'm the lucky winner! :) I'd love to have a tarot reading!

to answer your question, my favorite hero is the count of monte cristo -- he is clever, patient, and in the end redeems himself and gets his due revenge.

Arwen said...

Ok, I told my friend to pick a number between 1 and 16. He picked Rachel Smith as the winner. Honest to Gods, it wasn't rigged! I'm laughing because it's HER fault this was even a contest and she and I started talking AFTER all of this. :| Weird how synchronicity works!

However, the first three people to email me (other than Rachel Smith the winner) will also receive a free three card reading.

Rachel wins her choice from http://www.tarotbyarwen.com