Thursday, June 05, 2008

Beware The Ides Of The Month




An invitation to blog with Marilu Mann

The Ides! The Ides! The Ides are upon us! Beware the Ides of each month with Marilu Mann.

Join Marilu Mann right here on Escape Into The Fantasy on the 15th of every month (Ides, anyone?) to see who's discusing rejection.

You've seen "The Call" blogs and articles and websites. We all know how to celebrate that first and subsequent success. What about the stumbles, falls and outright personal hurts all writers know as REJECTION?

This is a call for all published authors who would like to share how they dealt with their first or fiftieth rejection. Did you stomp your foot? Did you speak unkindly of the writing profession in general? Did you vow to send them your award-winning first novel when you finally found the right home for it? Did you eat ice cream or chocolate until you popped? Or did you find solace in a glass (or six) of wine?

Send Marilu your tales of woe and coping. 200-500 words is plenty. We'll post entries from different authors every month.

Remember to stay professional. No names, cat fights etc!

Note: The ides really just refers to the middle of the month. Hey! We're a writing team so of course we jazzed it up a bit.

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