Monday, May 11, 2009

Romantic Times Booklovers Convention 2009!

We'd love to share some pictures from RT2009 with you! The Marilu Mann writing team was able to attend both the e-book and the print book signings, we met some truly awesome people (including the Mr. Romance 2009 Cover Model contestants & the EC Cavemen(!!)) and just truly enjoyed ourselves.
Here are a few photos from the convention...Enjoy!! ;)

Here's the view right outside our hotel room - the Wyndham Resort in Orlando was lovely and HUGE!

Here is Arwen with one of her idols - The incomparable Piers Anthony! Anyone who's ever read the Chronicles of Xanth or the Incarnations of Immortality will know this was truly an awesome event for a fan. I promised to restrain her if she started babbling like a real fangirl. :)

Here we are with Lorenzo, one of the EC Cavemen. Lorenzo appears on the cover of Sapphire Tease and is a real sweetheart!

The next two photos are of Arwen & Franco D'Angelo and me with Franco. Franco was one of the Mr. Romance 2009 Contestants and as soon as I saw him, the hero of our second book, Slade, came to mind. Franco was a truly gracious, fun and as you can see for yourself, gorgeous individual. He won the Contestant's Choice award in the Mr. Romance 2009 contest on Saturday night (and inspired a new character for us during one of the parties - you'll just have to wait for that particular story to come out).

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