Thursday, March 09, 2006


How can anyone doubt the power of Romance fiction in today's world?

Lisa Kleypas' newest novel, The Devil in Winter - released on MARCH 1 - has already reached the top TEN on the New York Times, USA Today AND Publisher's Weekly lists. This is the third book in her Wallflower Series - actually, the fourth if you count Again the Magic which introduces at least one of the main characters .

Nine days - it took NINE DAYS to hit bestseller status. How can anyone say that Romance novels are "trash" or "bodice rippers" with statistics like that? Obviously it's not just a passing fad - Romance novels ARE big news, they ARE well-written, and they ARE capable of making it to the TOP of the bestseller lists.

If you saw the CBS Sunday Morning report on Romance Novels/Novelists, how could you possibly believe that people - women in particular - aren't reading romance? How can you dismiss romance novels as "unworthy" or as "those books"? When someone questions my reading tastes because I'm reading a romance novel, my first response is to ask them what they have against a "happy ending"...

Frankly, I think we could ALL use a "happy ending" from time to time. I get very tired of 'bad' news and really look forward to settling down with a "good" book with an emotionally satisfying ending. If that makes me a sap, well, all I can say is that I am in VERY good company! ;)

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