Monday, March 27, 2006

Are you ready...

Are You Ready For REVIEWBALL?

Okay, here's the thing...Stephanie & I both read. A LOT. We frequently read the same books - sometime this is by design (one will call the other and say, "you HAVE to read this book!"), sometimes it's quite by default as we like many of the same authors.

There are other times we will read the same book and one of us will not be as enamored as the other. With all that being said, we decided to do something a little different with reviews. What about "dueling" reviews? We read the same book, each do a review and post it here. Sometimes we'll agree on the book, sometimes we won't. So...ARE YOU READY?

It’s a new take on reviews as Stephanie Arwen Beck and Cai Smith, the writing duo otherwise known as Cai Stephan, face off over books they’ve read. Forget the gridiron. Forego the ice. And don’t even think about baseball as these two longtime friends let loose.

Will it be cheers or jeers for your favorite books?

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