Friday, April 14, 2006

Powering Galaxies

Kate Duffy, Editorial Director at Kensington Books made the following statement regarding the romance genre and romance writers: “We are creative smart women with imaginations that could power small galaxies. I just cannot wait to see what happens next."

I love that statement – especially the part about imaginations that could power small galaxies – how profound a statement is that?

While it is the Paranormal/Sci Fi writers who are creating their own worlds, the rest of us are still powering our own galaxies. We decide who our heroine is and what her goals, motivation and conflicts are. We decide who our hero is and how his goals, motivation and conflict will interact with our heroine’s.

It is our imagination that gives birth to our books. It is our desire to share that imagination with others that prompts us to sit in front of our computers agonizing over what comes next in a scene, where we need to beef up our conflict, and exactly how intense we need to make what comes next.

We are creative and smart. We are powering small galaxies, and like Ms. Duffy, I cannot WAIT to see what happens next.

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