Tuesday, April 18, 2006

When bad things happen to writers...

One good thing about being a writer is that you can take a bad experience and turn it into a scene in a book.

Mad at your significant other? Write out what you want to say to them and file it for later use by a character.

Your boss driving you crazy? Kill him/her – ON PAPER.

Overhear a conversation in the hallway that could be taken in a number of ways? Write it out and save it for the villain in your next book.

Have a bad dining experience in a restaurant? Use it to your advantage by writing down as many details as you can remember and save them for a scene where you need mounting tension or to show how someone would react to the same situation in your book.

Remember that bad haircut? Well what if the same thing happened to your heroine right before a big interview or date? Remember that self-tanning accident? What if that happened to your heroine?

Writers can take any life experience and twist it to fit their current character or needs. Add in a little imagination and you’re good to go. Who cares if no one will believe there’s truth in your fiction? Use those “bad” experiences in your life to add depth to your writing, to breathe life into a character who might be a little flat.

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