Tuesday, November 21, 2006


(see, even the TITLE of this entry is stressful!)

Stress can be a great motivator. Actually, trying to focus on something other than what is stressing you out is the motivator. While trying to take my mind off one problem, I came up with a brilliant ending to a short story. Okay, no modesty here, but it really is a brilliant ending {g}.

In any event, I don’t recommend stress as a motivator on a regular basis, but for a quick burst of creativity, there’s not much else like it. I hear published authors talking about their deadlines and I think (when the time comes) those might be a stressor for me as well. Don’t get me wrong, I DO work well under pressure, I just don’t LIKE working under pressure.

Finding a way to channel that stress into another activity, another outlet is the key, right? Releasing anger against someone by doing something nasty to them on paper…creating the perfect work situation on paper…creating the perfect romance or romantic scene on paper…that’s stress-relief at it’s best.

This week, here in the US, we celebrate Thanksgiving. An interesting holiday, Thanksgiving. Supposedly it’s when the Pilgrims met with the American Indians and sat down to give thanks for safe passage and surviving in “the new world.” Now it’s become an excuse for people to glut themselves on turkey and all the trimmings, watch football and parades, and for some people to plan their shopping trips the next day.

THAT really stresses me out. I hate shopping, but I like going to Malls…go figure. I like going to the Mall because I can people watch. I let others do the shopping and I do the people-watching. This is another stress-reliever. You can watch people going by and make up the story of their life.

So if you’re feeling stressed because of upcoming holiday events or family events or work related events, take a moment to release some of that stress by coming up with a brilliant scene for your latest work-in-progress. You’ll be surprised by how good you’ll feel when that stress is gone – even if it’s only for a few minutes.

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