Monday, September 01, 2008

I'm Too Busy!

I've got another release coming out September 10, y'all! I'm recycling a blog from Romerotica Writers. :) Enjoy! And don't forget to keep an eye out for Sapphire Tease next week. I'll share an excerpt in a few days.

Juggling Woman

I’m too busy…

All of us have said that at one time or another, right? I’m too busy to take on another project. I’m too busy doing this or that with the family to do something for myself. I’m too busy being everything to everyone. I’m too busy to write. Or am I?

If I’m totally honest, sometimes I use the excuse of “I’m too busy" to write. I say yes to those projects I know I shouldn’t out of guilt. I let other stuff get in my way. I need to do the laundry THEN I’ll write. I need to walk the dog THEN I’ll write (ok so that one’s important). I need to read this book THEN I’ll write. What do you let get in the way of the thing you love to do?

How do you balance your own need with your career? For writers, how do we find time to write among all the other things we have to do – the day job (for those of us still working at something other than our writing), the family, the pets, the bazillion responsibilities that come with being a member of the human race. Sometimes it’s a matter of saying no to others and sometimes it’s a matter of saying no to ourselves.

Once we identify what matters, then we can proceed. We can’t do only the thing we love. It really is a matter of balance, isn’t it? We prioritize, we MAKE time for things that are important to us. We make time for our friends, our family events, our writing and occasionally for some fun stuff. And if we are very lucky, sometimes the fun stuff intersects with those other things.

Even our characters have to prioritize, don’t they? In the case of Changing Times, the heroine is a doctor. To be more specific, she’s a physician in a busy ER. Carly doesn’t have time or the patience for foolishness. She’s a busy woman with a very level head. When confronted with a gorgeous injured man named Tony who tells her something unbelievable, Carly still has to prioritize. Does she have time to deal with this man who just might be insane? Can she possibly deny the attraction between them? What about when her life is put in danger by her association with him? What will her priority be then?

Well we certainly don’t have to prioritize our lives based on men who think they turn into large animals. We don’t have to worry about our partners friends kidnapping us and trying to kill us. Still prioritizing is mandatory for all of us. How do you decide what is a “Must Do Now" and a “Want To Do Now"? Where do you draw the line on choosing which takes importance over the other? It’s all a matter of juggling, right?

Juggling our time is something we all have to do. In order to make things easier, we often look for shortcuts – here’s one the heroine of Changing Times, Dr. Carly Chambers, has taken in the kitchen– I hope you enjoy it.

And let me know how you prioritize. I am always up for learning new ways to get my crazy life in hand.

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