Thursday, July 24, 2008

How To Survive The Literacy Signing At Conference

1. Madelynne Ellis
2. Mardi Ballou
3. Kayla Perrin
4. Toni Blake
5. Christine Merrill
6. Jennifer Greene
7. Denny S. Bryce
8. Carolyn Jewel
9. Rochelle Alers
10. Shari Anton
11. Liz Carlyle
12. Gail Dayton
13. Sharon Sala
14. Melissa Schroeder
15. Cindy Dees
16. Jane Graves
17. Karen White
18. Donna MacMeans
19. Karen Hawkins
20. Kathleen O'Reilly

The above represents a random (thanks to The Randomizer) sampling of the over 500 authors who will be signing at the RWA 2008 Conference July 30th from 5:30 – 7:30 pm. It's at the San Francisco Marriot located at 55 Fourth Street. It's THE place to be for book lovers. And it's for a good cause! The publishers donate the books, the authors donate their time, and RWA gives all the proceeds to ProLiteracy Worldwide.

To see the whole list, go here.

So that's a whole lotta books and even more people, chere! Whatcha gonna do? Are you going to be waiting in line with a plan or are you gonna be overwhelmed and miss out on your favorite writers?

Say it with me now. Ya gotta have a plan. And if you have a friend along, do it as a team!

  1. Print the list of authors.
    • Or, if you are green-conscious, drop the list into Excel and start sorting...

  2. Circle who you want to see.
    • Or highlight. If you are really Virgo coughanalcough about it, you can color-coordinate your authors and make all the erotica in pink and the paranormal in orange etc

  3. Make a short list.
    • You know how to make a short list, don't ya? You just put your lips together and ... well you know.

  4. Prioritize
    • (hugely popular like Nora and Suzanne and Teresa equal lines out the door)

  5. Divide and Conquer!
    • Split the list and split up if you have a partner in can each buy what the other wants

  6. Kiss your feet goodbye.
    • No really. Do not wear the cute-but-painful shoes to this. Go for comfort!

  7. See above regarding your wallet
    • Sorry! I have no helpful hints about this one. But hey! It is for charity, right?

  8. Try at least three authors
    • You don't know because they may be next year's darlings!

  9. Say hello to the person in front of you or behind you in line as you wait to check out with your treasures
    • You're going to be standing with them for quite some time (no matter how fast the VOLUNTEERS on those 10-keys are, it still takes a little time!).

  10. Take your camera
    • You never know what interesting things you'll see at the booksigning - remember Sherry Kenyon's "black swan hat?"

So who's on your "gotta see" list for this year's Literacy signing? And remember, this is open to the public, so let folks know!


Peyton West said...

Unfortunately, I won't be at SF this year, but I went to Dallas. You're right about the comfy shoes and the camera. Very good things to have. My advice: Get there early so you're not queing at the back of the line!
I enjoyed seeing Nora Roberts and Suzanne Brockman, and loved seeing my chaptermates signing books.

Shauna Roberts said...

Thanks for the tips and for yesterday's list of restaurants.

Robin D Owens said...

I'll be there, come see me! LOL. A note, you can pick up books for each other then swap when you meet at the checkout line. You don't necessarily have to buy your friends' books. But if one is going to stand in long lines, then they might have fewer to tote.

Take bags, or even a little rolling one. I think they let you take bags in...


Shauna Roberts said...

Robin, I've put you on my list of people to visit. Now if the crowds will just let me get to the O's . . .

Shari Anton said...

It's always nice to make a list, even when selected by a randomizer! LOL! Hope to see you at RWA!

Tarot By Arwen said...

Peyton, that's great advice! The earlier the better (only not so early that you are in front of meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lol)

Shauna, thanks for stopping by! Glad to help.

Robin, you know I'll say hello to you! Oh! LOL--maybe you don't! Marilu Mann is a team and this is Arwen from Denver as part of that team.

Shari, I'm a big fan of your historicals! Glad you got randomized in too! I have too many faves so I had to use the Randomizer!