Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More on RomantiCon 2009

Finally got all my pictures uploaded to the computer from RomantiCon 2009 - I urge you to go next year - it promises to be bigger and better!! Next year I hope to have a better camera! :)

Angelo at the booksigning

Stephanie Julian at the booksigning
Ann Hinnenkamp at the booksigning
Natasha Moore at the booksigning
Marilu Mann's spot at the table - Do you see Beauregard the Alligator? He made his first appearance at RT2009 and came with me to RomantiCon 2009 as well! Yes, you DO see the same book cover here as you saw in Natasha Moore's picture - there's a good reason for that - Marissa Alwin, Rena Marks, Amarinda Jones, Natasha Moore and Marilu Mann all have stories in that Sapphire Sizzle book! Marissa, Rena, Natasha & MM were all in attendance!
Speaking of Marissa Alwin, here she is with a friend who stopped by to say hello.

Cai (1/2 of Marilu Mann) and Marissa at the Booksigning - ready to meet & greet!
Francesca Hawley and a few of the Men of EC -
doesn't it look like she's telling them a good story??
Of course, I couldn't resist getting MY picture made with all these good-looking guys, either!

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Natasha said...

Great pics, Cai! Romanticon was a blast! Looking forward to next year.