Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Changing Perspectives - Available November 23!

Changing Perspectives - the latest entry in the Lusting Wild series will be available as a FREE READ on November 23rd. Yes, our first Naughty Nooner and our first M/M!

We hope you enjoy Nolan's story. Yes, Nolan gets a "happier" ending than he got in Changing Times! (And there is a VERY brief cameo by Tony Pantera.)

Here's a quick blurb about this Naughty Nooner:

Nolan Bourdet wants nothing to do with Shilah Nyol. No matter how hot the other man makes him, Shilah runs with shifters responsible for the death of Nolan's lover.

Shilah drifts through life and has drifted to New Orleans. He doesn't do commitment, but he'd definitely like to do his new boss. After their first bout of scorching sex, Shilah's thinking of sticking around, but he'll have to change both his perseptive and Nolan's.


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