Sunday, August 07, 2005

Author! Author!

Well one of the other fun things to do at conference is ribbon hunting. Sonj made it a goal to talk to as many "pinks" as she could. Pink is the color of the PAN ribbon. PAN stands for the Professional Authors Network. Sonj tells me she stopped counting after 250.

One of the funniest things that happened to Sonj was on the elevator. She got on with woman. They proceeded to have a chat about the possessed elevator (the darn thing didn't stop where they asked it to). Then someone else got on the elevator and immediately began hyperventilating to the tune of "OH MY GOD, you're Nora! You're Nora Roberts!"

Sonj says she turned to Nora to apologize for not recognizing her. LOL! Apparently Nora was happy to be not recognized for that brief ride! But now Sonj wants to read something by Nora. :-)

I didn't get the chance to meet Nora other than briefly at the book signing. I did get to see Naomi Neale who also writes YA as Naomi Nash. One of my favorite authors, Rocki St. Clair, I managed to catch up with at the dinner before the Gala. I wish I could remember them all, but I can't. Cheyenne McCray stopped by the Moonlight Madness table where I was doing tarot readings. That was fun. I also got a book at the literary signing from someone who had taken my workshop on Tarot forWriters! Wow!

Didn't get a stitch of writing done yesterday! Must do that today. I am off until Wednesday so surely I can get some done, right?

Create a great day!
Stephanie (the Stephan half of Cai Stephan)

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