Saturday, August 06, 2005

Politics and Writing

This is from Stephanie. For what it is worth, I didn't agree with what happened at the RWA Gala in Reno. Politics have their place in my life, but not in my romance writing forums. I went to this ceremony expecting to be entertained as I have the past three years with skits aboutwriting and then watching the winners win.

This year was different. Politics took center stage. A brouhaha has erupted on the RWA Board of Directors as everyone says what they did ordidn't do. It's a public relations night mare.

Instead of promoting our "Have We Got A Story For You" campaign, now we are trying to make our organization look good to the membership itself.It makes me very sad.

On a good note, the editing of Changing Times is forging ahead! I got four new pages into it Thursday. I will be writing more today once Ihave finished my overdue Tarot readings.

... All the world's a stage and most of the cast has opening night jitters

Isn't that the truth? And we never seem to get over those opening night jitters. What will it take to calm us all down so we can do what we weremeant to do?

Create a great day!
Stephanie (the Stephan half of Cai Stephan)

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