Monday, October 25, 2010

Lots to share!

First, Needing Harte, the first book in the multi-author 1-800-DOM-help series has received its first review! Carole at Rainbow Reviews had this to say: "Read it for the rich characterization, and look for more from this author."

Check out the whole review here!

Next, we've received the cover for All Tied Up, our contribution to the Merry Kinkmas collection to be released December 13th!

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is the cover designed by the fabulous Darrell King...

Did I mention that this particular story is about an adventurous young couple and an evening spent with a Kinbaku master? No? Well, here's the blurb:

Wendy Banning has a kinky fantasy...she wants to be tied up. Not just spread-eagle in bed, but with rope all over and around her body. She shares that with her lover Peter Barrett who arranges a sesion with local Kinbaku Master, James Darling.

The learn that having sex at someone else's direction while All Tied Up is more than hot. Can they repeat their experience? Do they want to without Master Darling? James would like to show them so much more. However when the couple makes a mistake while playing on their own, can Master Darling forgive them?

Last, but CERTAINLY not least, we've chosen the winner of our Tote Bag FULL (and I do mean FULL) of RomantiCon goodies (and a couple of Marilu Mann's books! LOL): SHEILA - send us an email - with your mailing address and I'll get that in the mail to you ASAP!

We're looking forward to more reviews on Needing Harte, the release of All Tied Up, and whatever else comes our way...

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