Friday, October 08, 2010

RomantiCon Day 2

Morning started out great! Workshops on Promo, GMC, Worldbuilding, Characterization, CSI for writers, Protecting your Assets, Top 10 Things Hollywood gets wrong, Research, Cover Art and Collaborating & Co-authoring.

Then it was time for the Roaring 20's Party - Flappers, Gangsters, Molls and more...The joint was definitely jumping - and that was before the Cavemen took the stage to entertain the crowd! Some of the tables had a "reserved for a special guest" note on them, and you guessed it, those were for the Cavemen. :) We had the pleasure of sitting with Lorenzo tonight - he's fabulous!

After dinner it was time to put on our dancing shoes and hit the slot machines with the "play" money provided by EC - everyone got raffle tickets and if you hit it big on the slots, you got even more raffle tickets...what could you win? about a Sony e-reader, a B&N e-reader, a digital camera, a video camera, a Kindle and a Netbook! Yes, those were the prizes handed out tonight by EC - emceed by none other than Jaid Black, the woman who started it all.

Now, what you really want to see...some photos from today!
Some folks dressed for the party...
Cai & Lynn LaFleur
Caitlin Miller
Cai & Christine D'Abo
And WHY were we all standing in line?
That's easy...waiting to have our pictures made with the Cavemen!
Party Time!!
The Charleston Dance Contest...with a little incentive from the Cavemen...(Lena Matthews is in red here - she wound up being the winner...Awesome moves! :) )

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Sheila said...

I think you like the party because of the Looks like everyone was having a good time.:)