Thursday, October 07, 2010

RomantiCon Day 1

Though I know some people had problems getting here, my trip went very smoothly! Met up with the lovely Regina Carlysle at the airport and we chatted before our flight out of DFW to Cleveland.

The trip to the hotel also went very smoothly, and again the staff at EC and here at the hotel have done an AMAZING job of preparing everything for our arrival! We got an awesome conference bag, a great badge holder, TWO calendars, another nifty conference booklet with all the handouts in it along with a place for collecting signatures.

The Meet-&-Greet was tonight - and of course, what would this party be without the EC Cavemen?

Some photos here - will try to update tomorrow with more...

Thanks & Enjoy...
Lorenzo & Cai - Lorenzo was on the cover of Sapphire Tease

Joysann from Publisher's Weekly winning a prize -
yes, win a prize, get a hug/kiss from a Caveman! :)

VJ Devereaux, Lorenzo & Cai
VJ & the Cavemen - sounds like a rock band doesn it?
(Kevin, Jason & Christian with VJ)
Jason, Christian & Angelo

VJ Devereaux

Cai & Brooks

Brooks & VJ Devereaux


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Sheila said...

Looks like you found the men before anything else. lol